Akira Premier
Q Switched NdYag Laser

Latest Technology with Proven results


Latest Electro Optic Q Switch Nd Yag laser. T- Pulse Resonator and Variable Reflectivity Mirror (VRM) technology for better beam quality and high peak power Strong energy output – Exceeds 12J/cm2, 3mm spot. Enhanced laser peeling handpiece for skin rejuvenation. Big TFT colour touch screen for easy operation. 10Hz high repetition with 7mm big spot size, save your time.


Removal of different colour tattoo Clearance of Speckle, Freckle, Age spots. Removal of Vascular lesion & Spider vessel. Removal of Birth marks, Otas neavus.


Model Type Akira Premier
Laser Type Nd Yag Q-Switch
Screen 10.4 inch color touch
Wavelength 1064nm/532nm, 1064nm
Max. single pulse power : 1200mj/600mj
Diameter of spot : 2-10mm adjustable
Power of machine : 1000W
Width of pulse : 6-12ns
FrequencyFrequency: 1-10Hz
Cooling System : Closed-off Water + air
Beam of light transmission : 7-joint arm
Package : 940 x 60 x 1150mm
Power Supplier : AC220V 10A 50/60HZ

How it works:

In Akira Premier, Laser is emitted in a split second, producing extremely high power in a very short duration which can penetrate deep into the skin and directly reach basal layer of epidermis and dermis to explode the melanin immediately. Melanin cells are smashed into fine particles, some of them are devoured by immune cells, rest are egested out of body. Pigmentation or tattoo will be gradually removed after a few treatments due to melanin reduction. Finally complete pigmentation or tattoo removal can be achieved.