(Skin Rejuvenation System)

 Different applicators for the best skin care
  • Ultrason (3MHz) Mode
  • Sono Mode
  • Ion Mode
  • Oxy Spray Mode
  • Oxy Jet Mode
  • Auto Set programs for individuals

  • Simple & Easy Operation

  • User friendly operation

  • Soft touch buttons

  • Powerful Oxygen Compressor generates Oxygen

  • No needed to recharge oxygen in the tank

  • Simultaneous use of 3 modes

  • Use three persons at the same time

  • Efficient & Economical

  • Glossy, elegant & modern design


Ultrason Mode

1. Wrinkle : Elimination of wrinkle, Skin rejuvenation, Stimulates fibroblast, Helps to produce Collagen & Elastin
2. Acne: Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Inflammation, Sooting effect
3. Couperose: Rapid skin cell regeneration, soothing effect
4. Dark circle: Stimulates blood circulation
5. Cellulite: Melts fat & cellulite cell, gives smooth skin texture

Sono Mode

1. Cleansing: Deep cleansing, Remove dead skin cell & Black heads
2. Scaling: Super power of skin
3. Lifting: Ultrasonic micro massage, facial line lifting
4. Vitamin: Sonophoresis of effective materials, Whitening effect

Ion Mode

1. +lon: Greater effect of + ion absorption to the skin
2. –lon : Greater effect of – ion absorption to the skin
3. Vitamin : Deep penetration of effective materials, especially Ascorbic acid (Vit-C)
4. Lifting : Powerful lifting & stimulation effect of skin and scalp tissue

Oxygen Jet Peeling Mode

1. Continuous mode: On pressing the button once, oxygen is sprayed with distilled water
2. Jet Peel Mode: Non invasive peels horny dead cells and residue of cosmetics on the skin or scalp using powerful oxy jet.
It helps to achieve smooth, firm, brighter and healthy skin after peeling & soothing through pure oxygen.

Oxygen Spray Mode

1. Continuous mode: On pressing the button once, oxygen is sprayed.
2. Pure oxygen spray mod: Fine oxygen spray mode to give a skin soft, smooth & soothing effect.
3. Oxygen + Ampoule spray mode: can spray oxygen with other solutions like collagen ampoule, Cosmetic facial toner or hair tonic.

Applicators :


Main Voltage - 100V~220V, 50Hz~60Hz
Power consumption - 630W
Ultrasound Frequencies - 3 MHz (Ultrason), 24KHz (Sono)
Dimensions (W X D X H) - 1000mm x 450mm x 410mm
Weight - 40 Kg